Want some adrenaline ? bull shark dives !


Feel your adrenaline and enjoy a thrilling dive with bull sharks free in the ocean ! Experience a unique adventure with these majestic criatures, they are free in the ocean and we dive cageless in the Playa del Carmen open waters, we go by boat, generally in the morning or at noon. We do bull shark observation dive, do not feed the sharks or attract them with chum so we do not disturb the shark´s enviroment.

Bull Sharks take its name due to a farily robust, fusiform body and a short, obtuse snout and also becosue their way to hit the prey before attacking it. It leaves in inshore waters, between the surface and 150 metres and swim up rivers (fresh water). It feeds not only fishes, but also on marine mammals and invertebrates.

Its viviparous and meassures up to 3.4 metres. Females are clearly more robust and bigger than males. In order to participate in this experience, you need to be a certified diver with experience and good buoyancy control and air consumption, Are you ready ? (only available in season: december - february, months are subject to change, it will depend on mother nature ... may be sharks arrive earlier !

More information about bull sharks, watch this marine guide of Playa del Carmen.

You know which is the worst word for a shark ? HUMANS ! As much as we know about them, we will respect and understand these amazing creatures, without sharks the ocean is unbalanced, they are in danger, one of the reason is Shark Finning, help us to Stop this cruel activity, sharks are in danger of extinction, thanks to the hand of man, its population decrease markedly despite being animals that adapt and evolve.